Do you want to know what its like to be homeless in America?
“Homeless: A Day In The Life” is a harrowing tale of what one homeless veteran goes through in a single day. It’s an engrossing account of his begging, searching through the garbage for his food and anything he can sell, confronting the police, trying to get into a shelter, and staying away from the “bum bashing” violent gangs.

The Vet Hunters Project:
Homeless Veteran Outreach Program

Determined to learn more about those who fate did not favor, I toured tattered, handmade refuges of those without homes and also interviewed them on the streets and in homeless shelters, and conversed with the poor in the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, and Spain, and on occasion wrote composite stories to illuminate their difficult lives.

Where Will We Sleep? is a revised edition focusing on poverty and homelessness.

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