Hopeville: VSF (Veteran Service Force) (Pre-Production)

The story presented through the series Hopeville: VSF (Veteran Service Force) is that of a small group of volunteers – all veterans – who work together to help homeless U.S. veterans get off the streets and back into society. Hopeville: VSF (Veteran Service Force)  is a docudrama series that highlights the struggles of our forgotten men and women who fought to protect the liberties many of us take for granted.  The main character, John Russell, is a war veteran who fell upon hard times after returning home from war.  He establishes an organization (VSF: Veteran Service Force) which connects homeless veterans with the service, support, and training they need to regain their independence.  Each episode the VSF Team will encounter a different aspect of homelessness such as drug addition, suicide, sexual harassment, voter fraud, while fighting an uphill battle against corrupt powers who only want to line their pockets with money.  The audience will be drawn into the world of the veterans who are still fighting to come home. 

Donations To Help With Production Costs

Help us tell the story of the men and women who deserve to enjoy the liberty and freedom of a life well spent. Your donation will provide the funds needed to produce this show, so that we can bring awareness to the struggles of homeless veterans and the hope that awaits them.

All donations will go towards production costs to make this much needed show to educate America and the world about the struggles of a homeless veteran!

There multiple ways to donate to this amazing project that will highlight the daily struggles of our Homeless Veterans. Click on the button below to see donation options.

Thank you for your consideration of becoming a Hopeville: VSF (Veteran Service Force) sponsor. We sincerely appreciate your help and support in this venture!

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